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The Beginning of Many.

I just came back from Hong Kong last year December. Though it was just a 4d3n trip, it was a huge milestone in my life. Because, that was my first of many backpacking trips that I will embark on in the future.

I faced countless of disapprovals and discouragement that I am not matured enough to make it there, and that the moment Im lost, I will panick like nobody's else ass. But who on nuggets cares about this when you know it's your dear passion in life.

It opened my eyes to so many countless beauties in life; from the moment I lugged my back over my pack for the airport, I cant help but say Im so greatful to God who made all these possible for me. Even witnessing a downpour through the 3 inches windows in a plane was something fascinating for me.

I was treated to DimSum by 2 kind ladies in Hong Kong. That's what Im talking about; talking to the locals, know their life. And the most hilarious event was I met a friend for life at Victoria's peak! ' You know, travelling is just in my blood after the trip to Costa Rica years ago. ' yeah, cant help but nodded time and time again.

The highlight of the trip, didnt lie with that I managed to get my ass into some foreign places, but with the sky scenary I witness. That's something I will never forget in my entire life. As the plane was still reaching it's desired altitude, something so round and bright from afar got my attention. You know, in movies, you see those actors using moon as their light. I thought that was crap, and that moon can never be bright enough to light your path. But it was true. It was dark at night, 30,000ft in the air, I saw the clouds below the plane. They looked like hydrogen gas, like those the moment you open up the container that stores some ancient stuff, the hydrogen gas flows out of the container, or whatever you call that. It was just a beautiful sight. It felt like end of world, ridiculous.

Yes, thats the beginning of many.

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